What Are The Best Event Venues In Preston?

Finding a quality venue in Preston, Melbourne for an event is not always an easy process. When you are seeking party venue for hire in Preston, you will need to consider the total number of people and if a venue may be considered ideal for the event that you are trying to host.

Some of the most popular venues in Preston for hosting a party can be some of the restaurants and cafes. Going to a local restaurant or café can be one of the best ways to create an intimate experience for your party. With these types of events you don’t have to worry about a caterer and you can have a comfortable, quiet and intimate experience to have a nice meal, share a dance or even demo a product. The Sartoria Café could represent just the type of event venue you may be looking for.




A second event venue that you may want to consider is the idea of going to a community center. There are several community centers across Preston that could serve as a great choice for a larger event. The Darebin intercultural center or Northern Community Church could represent a great choice for a larger space.

A large convention/reception center could represent an event venue in Preston that would serve for a product launch, press conference or other large event. The Stars international reception center for example could be the perfect idea for a much larger size event in Preston.

Keep some of these top event venues in mind if you are planning a major party or event in Preston Australia!


Go Vegan or Go Home? Irresistible Healthy Breakfast in Sartoria Cafe

Whether you’re already making the switch to a plant-based vegan diet or still skeptic about it, Sartoria Restaurant in Melbourne boasts deliciously persuasive ideas for you to think about. And if you are a health conscious or on a strict diet, this is the perfect place for you. Our vegan-friendly menu offers a range of delectable delights that are satisfying to the taste and guilt-free to the tummy!

Located in Preston, North Melbourne, Sartoria’s food selection of unbelievably tasty and nutritious meals will leave you with a lot of gusto to wake up for breakfast making it one of the city’s responsible cafes. Adriana believes that just because you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean that you will limit yourself to only smoothies, oatmeals, wholegrain cereals or protein bars. You can find epic vegan meals that are considered in-house specialties. Here, we gave extra veg the extra boost it deserves.

Why go vegan?

Full-vegan tasting menus are what’s keeping all great restaurants at a leverage over those that simply offer meaty, fat-soaked burgers and fries. In fact, more reviews online suggest that offering a healthier alternative to dine-in and to-go meals get more buzz-worthy nods and praises from yuppies all the way to health-conscious foodies of the older generation. And it’s because good soul food really has to be “good” for the body too. Sartoria Cafe understands and boy do we deliver! We know that foodies like you are not only submitting to gluttony, you can enjoy food without having their bodies pay for it later.

Vegan Brunch in Sartoria Cafe
Vegan Brunch in Sartoria Cafe

Gluten-Free and Vegetarian Meals That Won’t Hurt: The Needle and the Dressmaker

Our menu features wholesome, delicious fare. Gluten-free breads in menu items like The Needle which is packed with nutella, cream cheese and some PB and lovin’ J is an experiment gone right. Even kids will love eating it and they won’t even realize they’re eating lesser sugar and bad carbs than usual.

With The Dressmaker, sweet tooths will come to appreciate the superstar bread and butter pudding topped with bananas, raisins, salted caramel ice cream and black sesame praline—that sugar rush will be worth it and there will be no need for extra sweetness. That’s the Sartoria guarantee!

Nice and Sweet: The Bernina

Another item that’s more on the sweet side you can enjoy first thing in the morning is The Bernina which is made of granola, an assortment of dried fruits, coconuts, pepitas, almond, spiced honey and elderflower milk. Elderflower is said to be effective in keeping healthy sinuses, relieve swelling and pains, reduce the occurrence of strep throats and coughing, prevents common symptoms of the cold, flu and is also good for those with diabetes.

Classic Brekkie with a Twist

You will never go wrong with vegan breakfast in Melbourne when you visit Sartoria Cafe. It gives more than enough choices to have a tasty kickstart to every morning by also offering customers the option to pick a substitute of one of their ingredients and swap it for something healthier without compromising the quality and taste of the entire meal.

Choose to trade for mashed avocado with homemade waffle hash browns, puree and fresh produce in another brekkie bestseller The Seamstress. It is great for mornings on the go and for those who want to steer clear of egg-induced allergies and acne that comes from eating too much fried food way early in the morning. Welcome meatless, comfort food dining and try this meal for days you can’t afford to try anything that will make you feel bloated all day long. Light in the belly and belly right to the taste!

Get your day off to a nourishing and good start and try to go carb-less for your post workout brekkie while still being able to indulge in a flavourful, protein-rich meal! Try out the famous Eggs Benedict for a definitely winning breakfast of champs! Instead of bingeing on breads, The Benedict is made with fried polenta, sautéed kale, poached eggs, citrus hollandaise with bacon and mushrooms. Again, the eggs can be replaced with something lighter and fresher like a Tasmanian smoked salmon.

Build Your Own: Custom Breakfast for Your Palette and Diet

A foodie favorite in their menu is the Build Your Own option of adding your choice of siding to two free-range eggs on toast. Imagine kale, smoked bacon, roasted mushrooms and pecorino—your heart will sing with guiltless joy and two Michelin thumbs up! Get that coffee brewing and get your tummies ready for this vegetarian restaurant in Melbourne that you definitely must try!